Chemical Peels

Humans shed their skin every six weeks keeping us constantly covered in dead skin cells. As our bodies grow older, our systems struggle to keep up with the exfoliation process. On top of the aging process, exposure to the sun, the environment, and other factors cause dead skin cells to build up, bringing with it environmental toxin build up. These build ups lead to dull complexion, clogged pores, acne, blackheads and other skin problems, taking away from the full luster of our skin. Chemical peels encourage cell turnover and skin exfoliation.

By exfoliating the skin deeply with chemical peels, Transformations Wellness Spa Lee’s Summit, MO can help you reduce wrinkles, lines, brown spots, acne scarring, and blackheads, leaving you with smoother, shinier, more even-looking skin.

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Brands Offered:

Epionce & VI Peels

Areas Treated:

Face, Neck, Hands, Legs, Arms

Chemical peels are made up of various solutions and strengths that are applied to the skin in layers. Depending on your individual goals and skin type, your skin care professional will choose the appropriate solution and strength for your individual needs. Transformations currently offers chemical peels from Epionce and VI Peel (Vitality Institute).

Benefits of chemical peels include:

How it’s done:

After first cleansing the area(s) to be treated, a layer of solution will then be applied to your skin. Additional layers with different solutions may then be applied as needed. After allowing the solution(s) to sit for a short amount of time, your skin will be cleansed once more, and a moisturizer and SPF will then be applied.

Over the next several days the outer layers of skin may flake and peel off to reveal fresh undamaged skin. Peeling and flaking may not occur and is not required to achieve optimal results, as micro shedding can occur (Common for Epionce Peels). For VI Peels, some flaking by day 2 and peeling by day 3-5. By day 6, the peeling will ease. By day 7, most patients have stopped peeling and their fresh glowing new skin will then be on display!

*Chemical peels may be added on to a variety of other treatments. Please see “Chemical Peel add on” for pricing.


There is downtime following deeper peels of up to 2 to 3 weeks to allow your skin time to recuperate.

You will see the results once your skin heals. It takes between 1 and 14 days for a peel to heal and show the impact they’ve had on your skin.

Our skin will continue to age, so most chemical peel results are not permanent. You can expect your chemical peels to last 2-4 months on average, depending on a number of factors.

It depends on the strength of your chemical peel. We will help you determine when you should repeat the process in your first appointment.

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