Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics)

Colon Hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation, colon therapy, and high colonic enema, is a safe gentle means of ridding the colon of waste and toxins.

You may be carrying around an extra 5-20 pounds or more of food that was never digested or eliminated. Elvis Presley’s colon weighed seventy pounds when he died!

It is easy to become constipated from poor diet, lack of fiber and stress. The word constipation comes from the latin word, constipatus, which means “to pack or to cram.” If you are not eliminating 18-24 inches of bowel movement a day, you are packing and cramming poisons inside your bowel.

This putrefied matter leaks through the intestinal wall and produces toxic gases and waste to be circulated in the blood stream. It also hardens the lining of the colon. Bacteria and parasites have a happy home inside this compost pile of undigested proteins, gases and waste.

Benefits Of Colon Cleansing

GOOD NEWS! There is a way to wash away the accumulated junk out of your colon. Colon Hydrotherapy, also referred to as colonic irrigation, colon therapy and high colonic enema, is a safe gentle means of ridding the colon of this unwanted waste. During the session you lie relaxed on the table while an instrument no bigger than the size of a thumb is inserted into the rectum. On the other end of the scope is attached a tube for the waste to flow out without any odor or mess whatsoever. We observe the highest level of sterilization and sanitation. The procedure is professional, safe and modest and at Transformations Wellness Spa you always have a therapist with you. The type of equipment we use is a closed system called the gravity flow method.

How it’s done:

Transformations offers both Closed and Open Colonics.

During the Closed Colonics Session, your hydrotherapist will stay with you in the room. Your hydrotherapist will insert a speculum into your rectum. A hose is then attached. A pressurized stream of purified, warm water is then delivered through the attached hose and into your colon. When your colon is full your hydrotherapist will manually drain the colon back through the same hose.

During the Open Colonics Session, you will lay on a molded fiberglass table that looks similar to a recliner (this device is called the Libbe). There is a basin cut into the table, and a small, disposable rectal tube attached at one end. After providing instructions on how to gently insert the tube, your hydrotherapist will leave the room to provide privacy. Your hydrotherapist will then return and will begin gravity-feeding warm water through the tube and into your colon. When the client feels full, the simply push down and the softened matter will flow out. An odor exhaust system ensures the room stays odor free.

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