Chemical Peel Aftercare

VI Peel Face Treatment:

Immediately following your appointment, you may experience tan, red, or yellow skin; this is temporary and will disappear within a few minutes.

Days 1

  • For at least 4 – 6 hours after applying the peel, avoid washing, touching, or applying makeup and/or sunscreen. APPLY NOTHING. 
  • In the event that you experience itching or irritation prior to this time period, you can wash the area with a mild cleanser and water (Epionce Milky lotion cleanser is recommended). Avoid rubbing with anything harsh, such as a sponge or washcloth. 
  • Take Benadryl 25mg, Pepcid (Famotidine) 20mg tablet and Zyrtec (Cetirizine HCl) 10mg tablet for swelling if needed. 
  • Cleanse after 4 – 6 hours. Using only your hands, wash the area with a gentle cleanser (if you don’t have one, we can suggest one). Make sure skin is dried well. 
  • For VI Peel, apply one of the post-peel retinoids towelettes to the peeled area 30 – 45 minutes after cleansing peel. Before applying the towelette, make sure the skin is completely dry. Make sure the product has absorbed into the skin before bedtime (at least 1 hour before bedtime).
  • After applying the towelette, if you feel extremely dry or slightly stingy, use the Vi Derm Moisturizer included in your kit. To relieve any irritation or redness, you can also apply hydrocortisone 1% or 2.5% cream.

Days 2

AM: Wash your face gently with a mild cleanser in the morning. Makeup and/or VI Sunscreen should be applied. Make sure you wear sunscreen when exposed to the sun. 

PM: One to two hours before going to bed, gently wash the area with a mild cleanser and water. The skin must be completely dry before applying makeup. At least one hour before bed, rub a second post-peel retinol towelette onto the peeled area. As a result, the product will be able to absorb into the skin before bedtime. In the event that you feel extremely dry or uncomfortable after using the towelette, you may use the VI Derm Moisturizer included in your kit. You may also apply a very thin layer of hydrocortisone 1% or 2.5% cream if irritation or redness persists. 

You may take Benadryl as needed for itching.

Days 3-5

AM: Apply moisturizer (if needed) and sunscreen before applying makeup. (Use the products provided). At this time, you may apply hydrocortisone cream. 

PM: Cleanse with a mild cleanser and then moisturize with the VI moisturizer. You can also apply hydrocortisone cream. 

As the peeling process begins, you will notice a slight slouching of the skin, initially around the mouth, then the rest of the treated area. The skin can become extremely itchy during this time. It is normal to see this as a sign of healing! Apply hydrocortisone cream to the “itchy” areas again. 

Apply the Vi Derm Moisturizer as often as necessary to conceal any sloughing of the skin after peeling begins. The peeling skin will also be less likely to be picked. Don’t pick the skin to prevent redness, irritation, and hyperpigmentation. 

Days 6

It is safe to resume your regular skin care routine. Before using any strong products, wait until the sensitivity subsides or your skin becomes red or irritated. This can take up to 2 weeks.

Chest, Hands and Back Treatment: These areas will take longer to peel (usually a week after the peel is applied). As with the face, follow the same instructions. Use tretinoin at bedtime until the areas start peeling after the second night of using the retinoid towelettes. The process usually takes between five and seven days. There will be samples of tretinoin available. Old skin will slough off when washed morning and night. Use only your hands to wash and pat dry. Do not scrub with anything harsh. Apply Vi Derm Moisturizer next. 

Additional Tips:

During the next 7 – 10 days, use only the VI Products provided in the kit. If you run out use a gentle non-retinol / acid cleanser / moisturizer. 

  • During the time before and after you start peeling; do not excessively soak treated areas. This will cause premature peeling. 
  • Avoid sunlight as much as possible during the peeling phase. Always use SPF of 30 or higher daily. 
  • Do not have any facial treatments (even waxing) for at least 2 weeks after you have finished peeling. 
  • Avoid using anything that is likely to burn or sting your face. 
  • VI Peel effects can be preserved with daily maintenance using Vi Derm system.

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