Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions have become a popular beauty staple for those seeking fuller, longer, and more defined lashes without the daily hassle of mascara or strip lashes. Essentially, they are individual fibers – synthetic, silk, or mink – attached to your natural lashes using a medical-grade adhesive. This treatment is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty, with results visible immediately after the session. Depending on the growth cycle of your natural lashes and how well you maintain them, Lash Extensions can last anywhere from three to six weeks. Ready to elevate your look? Book an appointment with Transformations Wellness Spa today!

There are three primary types of Lash Extensions that we offer:

Classic Lash Extensions

 A single extension is applied to each natural lash.
Pricing: Full set $120, Fill $70

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Combine both classic and volume techniques.
Pricing: Full set $140, Fill $80

Volume Lash Extensions

Multiple lightweight extensions are fanned out and then applied to a single natural lash, giving a fuller and more dramatic effect.
Pricing: Full set $160, Fill $90

Here are the benefits of our Lash Extensions:


The time required for Lash Extensions varies by type and technician skill level. Classic Lash Extensions take 1.5-2 hours, Hybrid Lash Extensions take 2-2.5 hours, and Volume Lash Extensions take 2-3 hours. For a tailored time estimate, consult your technician at Transformations Wellness Spa.

With proper care, Lash Extensions can last between three to six weeks, depending on the growth cycle of your natural lashes.

– Before: Arrive with clean lashes, free of makeup. Avoid caffeine or other stimulants that might make your eyes twitch.
– After: Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours. Stay away from oil-based products and be gentle when cleaning around the eye area.

You’ll be lying down with your eyes closed. A technician will isolate each natural lash and attach the extension. The process is painless and can take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the desired look.

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